Take a Toilet Selfie


Had an interesting thought today, about the trend on #whattranslookslike, #whatqueerlookslike, and etcetera. What if the people who use these hashtags took a #toiletselfie?

Firstly, this would address misconceptions about what queer people look like.

Secondly, it would tell people that we all go to the toilet and want to skip to the loo like every other person (and take selfies).

Last, but not least, it would tell people why we need unisex or gender-neutral toilets, because we don’t fit the stereotypical male or female image. Gendered toilets no longer accurately reflect the different gender identities in society.

So the next time you take a toilet selfie, feel free to use #toiletselfie and use the hashtag relevant to your gender identity (#whattranslookslike / #whatqueerlookslike).

E.g. [Photo URL] #whattranslookslike #toiletselfie.

We’ll retweet and share the photos on our Twitter and Facebook to show everyone all the people who are supporting this campaign.

Are you up for the challenge?


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