Sex, Lies and Dysphoria: Myths about the gender queer


Have a look at this excellent summary of myths about queer and transgender people. Explains why we need unisex, gender-neutral and all-gender toilets brilliantly. Thank you to Transcend Gender Australia!

transcend gender australia

There is a lot of bullshit whirling around when it comes to queer gender identities.

Some misconceptions are as old as the hills. We’ll probably never know how they originated and became so widely heard of. Others are more new, arising from hotly debated issues such as allowing transgender people to use preferred bathrooms or allowing children to have puberty blockers if they say they were born in the wrong body.

This space, Transcend Gender Australia, is all about clearing up these issues, because a valid discussion can only be had when arguments based in ignorance and aiming to incite fear and the marginalization of certain people are removed.

Here are a few misconceptions that need to be put in society’s bin for bullshit.

Please comment and let us know if there’s other misconceptions that need to just stop being spread.

  1. Allowing transwomen to use female bathrooms the risk women face of…

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