Seeking a space to call safe


The Swan Project is a group based in Singapore advocating for the addition of safe spaces for transgender people in Asia. Their posts are well-written with engaging images. Check it out!

The Swan Project

Navigating the gendered world as an individual who does not conform to gender norms and ideals.

Many of us fail to recognise that the world and its spaces around us are often heavily gendered. Public areas are partitioned into male and female, including everyday spaces such as the washrooms and shopping departments. In a world where gender is highly salient and clearly demarcated, transgender people remain burdened and subjected to the public eye.

in the train

The comic above is inspired by Ariel*’s personal experience, where she faces the tormenting gaze imposed by the judgmental eye of the public simply because she is a transwoman. The piercing stares, the questioning looks, and the disapproving expressions all prove to be highly distressing. “The attention will be all on me, and the whole time I will feel very uncomfortable,” Ariel said.

Like Ariel, many gender non-conforming individuals share the same sentiments and desire: to search…

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