Transgender, Not Rapist.


Trigger warning: References to transphobia

I think there is a need for anyone and everyone to know what a TERF is if they don’t know yet. I came across the term about a week ago, when I was looking up articles about transgender people. I read the definition of the term, but only had a vague understanding of it. However, after talking with a few people online, I began to suspect that I might have been talking with TERFs. So, I did more research on the term to check.
linked to A site “dedicated to exposing the hate contained within their movement.”, which has an infographic for those of you who don’t like reading too much text.

I consulted the dear members of the UNSW Queer Collective, who kindly explained to me the meaning of the term as well as the different waves of feminism. The following are some of the quotes I got from members of the collective:

In a nutshell, the term is used to refer to specific radical feminists who attempt to “exterminate” trans womens’ identities by rejecting their womanhood and gender identity, usually using “he” pronouns to refer to trans women and with various extremities (i.e. likening trans women to colonisation of women’s bodies by men, and also using rape analogies in a similar fashion).

A notable TERF is Cathy Brennan, who has done a lot of work to help with the extermination of trans women (e.g. influence law that assists in placing hurdles in front of trans women’s survival, such as legally blocking avenues of healthcare).

People often mistake the “E” in TERF to mean “exclusionary”, but that is the work of TERFs trying to say that they are merely “gender critical” a.k.a. they are spouting hate speech.

to deny the legitimacy of trans identities is effectively to call for the eradication of trans-ness, thus the one implies the other anyway.

In feminist discourse there is three waves of feminism, 1st (which was around the first half of the century), 2nd (60s-early 80’s) and 3rd wave (90’s – present).

Not all radfems are TERFs in fact a lot of anarchist feminists call themselves radical feminists whilst specifically including and being allies or being trans. Most TERFs belong to the discourse of the 2nd wave. Famous 2nd wave feminists include Germaine Greer and Sheila Jeffreys. Both are also Australian feminists, the latter is also known to be racist.

Modern (3rd wave) feminism holds that transwomen are women, just as transmen are men (and therefore benefit from the patriarchy in certain aspects.

There are some feminists who would for their other parts fit nicely into the 3rd wave type feminism except they are transphobic

I would also like to give a big thank you to our allies at Transcend Gender Australia, who wrote a simple and easy-to-understand check list of what being a TERF includes. The following were included in the blog post:

Do you think transwomen are men and they can never be a ‘real’ woman?

People questioned whether transwomen could understand female oppressions, whether the oppression of trans people measured up to this oppression, whether sex reassignment surgery made you a woman, so on and so forth. Who knew there was so much ground to cover. As Lucy Mangan from The Guardian said in relation to the excess of boundary marking and labelling this ‘TERF war’ incited:

“Will you excuse me while I go and shoot myself in the head? Because, like – whatever, you know?”

I have been accused of being pro-rape for advocating for the installation of unisex toilets, given links to cases where media outlets claim transgender perverts have assaulted women in their private toilet spaces. People have tried to tell me that transgender women should never be referred to as women because they are biologically different from the female sex and don’t menstruate. The negative generalisations people have stated to me clearly exhibit the behavior of people who have transphobia. Transgender women live their life presenting themselves as women and deserve to be respected for who they are. The way of extending this respect is to refer to them as women. So, I think that some of the people I talked to met the TERF criterion.

Also, let me ask the people who accused me of being pro-rape: If a rapist wanted to rape somebody, would that rapist care about which toilet their target entered? Or would they just rape once they lock in their targets? Rape can happen anywhere, including toilets, so toilets are not the direct cause of it. In fact, men, women and transgender people can all be sexually assaulted. Transgender people deal with a chance of being raped, just like everybody else. TERFs claim that a cisgender female will be more likely to be assaulted by a transgender woman, or have their privacy invaded by a transgender woman. Yet, they hardly think of how likely it is for things to be the other way around:

Say hello to the Pacific Justice Institute, a hate group that spreads propaganda about trans people. Sometimes mainstream media outlets repeat these lies. Like ABC’s Michael Chen, who, last October, mentioned the case of a trans girl peering over bathroom stalls to look at other girls. Except she didn’t. When activist site TransAdvocate investigated – using complex methods like picking up a phone – the school informed them that the story was “fabricated”.

…telling lies about transgender folk harassing people is a thing. People harassing transgender folks is also a thing. Transgender folk deserve restroom rights. Ya heard?

Did we mention that transgender women can also have problems with getting erections?

The following are more pieces of information that effectively discredit a TERF’s claims of how the majority of transgender people are rapists:

There are no statistics that support the idea that lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered individuals are more likely to commit sexual assault or be sex offenders than heterosexuals. In fact, sex offenders are disproportionately likely to be heterosexual men.

Montgomery County police chief Thomas Manger says that allegations that rapes and sexual assaults occurred in public restrooms following passage of a transgender accommodation law are “untrue.”

There’s no empirical evidence that things will “go wrong.” School districts with similar policies have reported no instances of misconduct and stated that the transgender protections have met with “nothing but positive results.”

According to Gay Star News’ Jane Fae, transphobic bathroom myths have been promoted by news outlets that fail to fact-check unsubstantiated stories about alleged sexual assaults.

Numerous conservative media outlets, including The Daily Caller, WND, and the Media Research Center, have similarly promoted the myth that sexual predators will exploit trans-inclusive restrooms to prey upon women. [Equality Matters8/19/138/22/132/3/14]

In an email to Media Matters, Executive Director Amy Sneirson of the Maine Human Rights Commission said that the state’s non-discrimination law hadn’t led to increased sexual assault or rape

“Since this law has been in effect, we have had no reported rapes committed in restrooms by men in women’s clothing,” Manger wrote Tuesday in a letter to Baltimore County Councilman Tom Quirk, who is lead sponsor of the anti-discrimination bill.

Someone claimed that I did not do enough research on this matter. I was called an imbecile for using the Media Matters article multiple times while I was defending my position and was mocked for the links or lack of links. Yet, that investigative piece had primary research and articles which linked to more articles, from pro-LGBTQ+ publications and authoritative sources, stating that transgender protection policies involving the installation of unisex or gender-neutral toilets have not increased sexual assault cases. Paragraphs 3, 4, 5, 6 are all from that Media Matters article. The sources for the rest have been linked in the paragraph. Note that Jane Fae also wrote this article on The Guardian with video evidence:

Last week, the horrific beating(warning: graphic, violent footage) of trans woman Chrissy Lee Polis shocked the world’s trans community to the core … Lee Polis visited McDonald’s in Rosedale, Baltimore, where she went to the women’s toilets. There she was accosted by two teenage girls, aged 14 and 18 … They attacked Chrissy, dragged her from the women’s toilets and proceeded to give her a good kicking.

I’m still perplexed by how the person I spoke to thought I did not do research on rape and sexual assault.

The other argument someone proposed was saying that I was taking away cisfemales’ safe spaces. Well, I’m not advocating for complete elimination of gendered toilets and UNSW is not eliminating gendered toilets either. If people still think that cisfemales are more likely to be abused in unisex or gender-neutral facilities, they have the right to keep gendered toilets and keep using them. It’s their choice and they have just as much right to feel safe as queer and transgender people do. I can’t wait to prove that transgender people just pee and poo in toilets like every other person who goes to a toilet once the unisex or gender neutral toilets have been built. People will get the chance to see for themselves that not all transgender people are perverts. To quote the charismatic Jenny Taylor once again, “Nothing happens in the bathroom when you’re transgender except for no.1 and no.2″.

I posted all this here, rather than the website that offended me by calling me a pro-rapist and imbecile. Why? The person who talked to me said goodbye and gave me parting words while other people told me to leave, so I did. I guess one could say that they were queer exclusionary too.


3 thoughts on “Transgender, Not Rapist.

  1. Everything you mentioned shows you are def. Mindphucked! So what someone shut you down before you shut them down! You don’t know what it is like to be a Female and injecting yourself with hormones will make yourself GO MAD!!! We woman were born with a balance because it’s our natural BALANCE.. and here you are getting spazzy because people refuse to put on rose colored glasses! You don’t know half of what you found on Google! No one harasses Men and Women dresses.. So Stop it! Your Bathroom Example O_O So um no one can get rape in the bathroom by a transgender? Your facts are based on Main media Bullshiiit! I don’t think you are a imbocile just Mindphucked. It must be nice to know “After the Ball” by Kirk and Madsen had all their victims (You) pegged! And all that their Manifesto is being used over and over again, on how to mindphuck the future. Crissie should not have been hurt.. the security should of escorted Crissie out! Damn if I want any from of a MAN using the same bathroom as my daughters.. WTF is going on in your head! If you’re going to be a Woman. You wouldn’t be so hell bent on trying to sling your dick in a woman’s toilet! And for the one’s who had it cut off.. I would def. not want to be anywhere near them.. You will eventually see why! Hey how about stop mentioning things that you only read never experienced.. These people you’re looking up to.. are getting their information on how to mindphuck from the book AFTER THE BALL! Ya’ Heard!!!!! LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Skip To The Loo at UNSW

      According to you: “If you’re going to be a woman, you wouldn’t be so hell bent on trying to sling your dick in a woman’s toilet”. My advice to you is, don’t assume. People who disagreed with my opinion have assumed they know my sex and gender. They have also assumed that females do or should not support transgender rights to have a gender-neutral or unisex toilet built (even though the gendered toilets will still be kept), when there are people who do. That link I just gave you is not a mainstream media source.

      Also, the place I quoted this from is not considered mainstream media either:

      “…generally within the first 1-3 months of taking an androgen blocker—even in the absence of estrogen administration—transwomen will start to notice fewer of what we call “spontaneous erections” (think waking up with an erection), and also may start to have more difficulty getting an erection even when aroused. Some transwomen who take androgen blockers will lose the ability to gain an erection completely. Aside from impacting ability to have an erection, androgen blockers will generally also decrease one’s sex drive, decrease production of sperm and ejaculatory fluid … While androgen blockers will not do a lot of physical feminizing by themselves, adding estrogen to that hormone treatment will result in further feminization. This can include: … further decreased production of sperm and ejaculatory fluid (up to and including sterility in some people), decreased testicle size, further decrease in sex drive, fewer spontaneous erections and loss of ability to achieve erection even when aroused … Even if a transwoman is not on hormones and has not had any surgery, sex may potentially feel complicated. Hormones and physical makeup notwithstanding, the brain is the largest sex organ that any person has. This becomes important because, for some trans people, the ways in which they choose to think about their body parts—no matter what is physically there—can make a huge difference … If you are having sex with someone who is transitioning, or has transitioned, from male to female, it’s probably going to be a bit different than having sex with a cisgender male (meaning someone who was assigned male at birth and still identifies as such). First of all, their body parts could potentially be different. Second of all, even if the body parts look the same, they might work a bit differently.


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