Mocked by Fox News


How does it feel to be mocked by a major media organisation for your needs? You can now ask that question to LGBTQ+ residents of the United States. After Illinois State University decided to graciously change the ‘family’ toilets to ‘all-gender’ toilets, Fox News desperately tried to make a funny news piece by expressing and searching for confusion over a sign.

For those of you who don’t know, the news channel has had a history of mocking “gender-neutral passports, passport applications, college housing policies, student forms, and marriage licenses”. Despite the fact that changes have been made in the US to reflect transgender statuses, Fox News presenters seem to be trapped in a conservative, ancient bubble. What’s even more unethically unacceptable is, they have created fake stories to push their anti-queer and anti-transgender agenda. Fortunately, in this case, their mockery was put to shame. No one laughed. Not even the little boy.

There’s nothing funny about discrimination and abuse.


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