Story 1 Chapter 2: Shaved Hair in Winter


I didn’t feel cold afterwards. In fact, I felt free; free from that heavy head of long hair that was so difficult to take care of. I continued to walk into the female toilets thinking people would understand, but I was wrong.

I made the effort to wear a beanie, but that wasn’t enough for almost every female who walked in. They would walk in, out, check that they had gone in the right toilet, then walk in again. Despite the fact that they did not intend to offend, I began to feel I was always in the wrong place, at the wrong time. I did not expect any of this to happen because of a haircut. Not in a city where almost everyone knew what Mardi Gras was.

I started going to the male toilets, but there was that one incident that embarrassed me so much, that it narrowed my toilet options down even further.

Stay tuned for the next chapter! If you would like a recap, catch up with what happened in Chapter 1 here.


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