University Intent


Just received an update from Queer Officer Dylan Lloyd. The University of New South Wales claimed they will build more unisex or gender-neutral toilets, alongside the existing gendered toilets. We have yet to hear from the university on how they will roll this out on campus, but we will continue to communicate and work with the university on this. We are closer than ever to seeing results!

You can also read this news piece from Nine News about the university’s intent, which also includes statements from Dylan.

Also, please remember we are not advocating for the elimination of gendered toilets, we just want unisex and gender-neutral toilets to be added. If people feel safer in gendered toilets, they have every right to keep it and keep using it. We’re just saying that queer and transgender people deserve a safe space too.

We all need to pee, help us skip to the loo!

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